What does it take to become a professional musician?

Lot of people are willing to become professional musicians. They think it is a greatest job in the world, because you cam make lot of money by doing what you really like with no efforts, but actually music industry is very competitive these days and not everyone can actually earn some money with music. Every musician must have certain qualities and skills to do that.

First of all, only those people who really wants to become musicians can do that. If you have any other plans what you could do in life, and if you are not dedicating all your life to music, you probably won’t be able to become really successful. You must be confident and do everything to make your musical career, even that means taking some sacrifices.

The next thing, of course, is hard work. You must practice every day. It is not so easy as many people think. You can’t just jump on the stage and sing or play an instrument. Every song, every performance and every note must be practiced. It is a full time job and you must be ready to work when it’s needed. Professionals singers sometimes practices all day and all night before the shows. They doesn’t even have few minutes to rest, beside they must do what managers say. It doesn’t seem so fun anymore, when your thrown inside the real music industry.

Good musical education is also important. Yes, there are many world famous musicians who has no musical education at all and who has learned everything by themselves, but those are rare exceptions. Mostly all the singers and other musicians have professional musical education. That means not only taking vocal or instrument play lessons, but also learning music theory.

Such qualities as creativity and originality are very important. Even if you are talented, educated hard working musician, it means nothing if you are not original. There are thousands of good singers or instrument players. If you won’t stand out between them, no one will notice you. You must have something unique that makes you interesting.

And the last thing is patient ans persistent attitude. You won’t become a star in one day. You might even need several years to prove yourself in music industry. You must be prepared that many record companies will kick you out and that you might not be able to sign any contract for a very long time, but if you really want to become a star in music industry you must be patient and tray again until someone gives you a chance. Like it was mentioned before, there are many people who wants to become musicians just like you, so you must wait for your turn.

By this we wanted to show how tough it actually is to become a professional musician. You must have many qualities that only few people actually have. Not everyone is able to dedicate his whole life to career and fight for his chance. Also not everyone has abilities to become a musician in the first place. If you are confident and feel that you really are great musician, than you can try, but if music is just a hobby then better leave it like that.