Most popular music genres in the world

Music is one of those things that can bring together like-minded people. The music genre you are listening to affects your personality and way of thinking, so people who like the same music usually have a lot in common. Nowadays the list of music genres and subgenres is almost endless and also all the genres has mixed throughout the time so it’s quite hard to label yourself as a fan of specific music genre, but here is a list of most popular music genres in the word.

The most popular music genre almost since its origins is rock music, because of the large amount of rock bands all over the world. As it was mentioned before, most popular music genres nowadays have a lot of subgenres and rock is no exception. It has developed in many forms. Most popular subgenres of rock music are classical rock, alternate rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, indie rock etc. All of these subgenres have typical rock music features such as pronounced sound of electric guitar and simple rhythms in a 4/4 meter, but each one of them has something unique.

The next one is pop music. From lot of aspects, it can be called the most popular music genre in the world, because this kind of music is played almost anywhere and pop music songs are usually well known. Unlike other genres, pop music has no specific characteristics beside simple, catchy rhythm and beat. As a pop music is considered all kind of music, that is created for mass audience.

Nowadays very popular is also EDM or electronic dance music. It is played in nightclubs, so it has gained large popularity among young people. Just like disco music in the 80s, the electronic dance music is an integral part of nightlife and parties. EDM in lot of cases is just a remix of songs from other genres. These remixes are made to be more rhythmic and suitable for dancing.

Still one of the most popular music genres is hip-hop. It reached the highest point in popularity at the 90s, but still there are a lot of hip-hop artists that are popular all over the world and this kind of music are played a lot. The ideology and also performance of hip-hop music has changed a lot throughout years, but the main characteristics as rapping, rhythmic beats and pot-valiant attitude has remained.

Of course, heavy metal has a lot of fans. Actually it is considered to be the subgenre of rock music, but as it is so different and independent, we allow separating it from rock music. Some of the most popular bands in the world represent exactly this music genre so the count of heavy metal fans beats lot of other genres. The drumming, distortion sounds and guitar souls with heavy beats are what characterize metal.

R&B or rhythm and blues is another genre that has changed throughout years, but has remained its popularity. At the beginning it was African American music that was all about the racism and social inequality, but nowadays the themes of R&B covers such themes as love, relationship etc. This genre has influence from many other genres, so it is quite varied, but the most typical characteristics of R&B is variable rhythm and smooth particular melody.

The last one in this list is country music. Although there are not so many world famous country singers as in other genres, it is quite popular and is known all over the world. This music genre formed in USA southern states in the 40s as music of different ethnic groups, so it was very fragmented, but nowadays it has spread and it has some similar characteristics. Usually it covers such themes as relationship and typical musical instrument used in country music is acoustic guitar.