Is music meant only for those who has talent?

Music is a type of art and as we know, it takes some talent to be an artist. So does that mean music is meant only for talented people and others should not sing or play an instrument or take out a loan (that in Finland is called – pikalaina)? Or maybe talent is just an extra benefit? Let’s evaluate talents’ impact on musical ability.

First we should understand that non of the musical abilities can be naturally innate. Nobody has been born knowing how to play an instrument or knowing the notes. Musical talent means that someone has a bigger potential to learn than than others. For example, person can be born with amazing hearing. Than means he will be able to her the difference between many sounds and that however means he will be able to learn how to sing right or play an instrument very easily. Others will how to spend much more time to learn the difference between sounds. So this talent will make one superior than others at the starting point, but with hard work, person with no talent can reach the same results.

Another thing is that lot of people are borne tone deaf. That means they are not able to tell the difference between tones and will never be able to learn that, because of genetic issues. Just like person with myopia will never be able to read without glasses, tone deaf person will never be able to learn different tones. If we call this ability, to distinguish different tones, talent than yes, it really takes some talent to become a musician.

So basically it depends on how we understand what is musical talent? If you see talent as an aggregate of different of many different abilities which helps to understand and perform music, than it is only a benefit. It is not a necessity to be born with great hearing, voice, memory, dexterity and other abilities. You can improve them all by practicing. You can reach good results with or without them, but the only difference is that the person who has them will be able to reach good results in less time. It doesn’t usually impact the total results – because you can learn quicker doesn’t mean you have greater capacity. There is maximum point you can reach and talent doesn’t impact that.

However, if you see talent as overall ability to understand and create music, than, yes, it definitely needs talent. Not everyone can become a musician. It takes some basic abilities. The good news is that most of the people have these basic abilities. That means there are only few people who will never be able to sing or play an instrument so it would sound pleasant to the ears. If this is how you see talent, than most of the people are talented.

If you are average musician, you can become great, you just need to practice a lot. Yes, someone will be able to reach the same results with no practice at all, but it doesn’t mean you are somehow wore musician and that you are not able to do what someone else can. In most cases its all about the practicing not innate abilities.

Thnx to pikavippi ilman luottotietoja!