How music affects our brain?

Although many people don’t notice it, music is an important part of everyday life. We automatically put on music while doing lot of things for example driving a car, working, exercising, relaxing, partying etc. It just seems self explanatory, but actually music has a huge impact on our brain and body, that’s why we have this need of music.

Music affects different parts of brain at the same time, that’s why we react to music in many ways. For example, such part of brain as amygdale is responsible for the emotional reactions to music. Motor cortex is responsible for need to dance or tap the feats. Auditory cortex is responsible for analyzing the tones of music. Hippocampus is responsible for memorizing the music. Also other parts of brain are responsible for some reaction to music, but different people may have different reactions.

To see clearly the effect of music lets evaluate diametrically opposed music types. One of the ways how we can divide music in opposite parts is happy and sad music. Even short fragments of highly sad or happy music can affect us. Studies has showed that the expression of humans face changes after hearing short fragment of sad or happy music. That means music can perceive emotions that we are not actually feeling. However, music can also remind of real emotions. This is the reason why some people think that sad music is depressing and some consider it more as inspiring and enjoyable.

The different effect of music can also be observed when choosing music for activities. While doing physical work, music can help and inspire, but while doing creative or very complicated work, music feels disturbing. That is because high noise makes our perception and ability of thinking weaker. Brain is engaged with music, so we are struggling to do the other works that needs a lot of thinking to do. Quiet and harmonic music, however can even help us to think, because than brain are not fully occupied and the tones of music can influence the creativity.

Type of music we are listening to also affects our personality. Music really can influence the way of thinking and different music genres affect people characteristics. For example, if you are regularly listening to aggressive music, you will feel anger and these emotions won’t just disappear when you turn off the music. You will become more aggressive and maybe even violent. If you listen to very emotional music, you will carry these emotions with you all the time and become very sensitive. However, music can affect different people differently. For some the aggressive music can be only an energy boost, because not everyone perceives music in direct way.

So now you see that the choice of music is not just a matter of taste. It can really influence the way you live your life, so be very careful whit it. Maybe some negative aspects of your personality or treatment to others is just the result of music choice.