Does music actually has healing powers?

It has been proved that music can change the mood and even change peoples attitude towards life and cure the depression, but can music actually heal real health problems? Scientists say it can. They has proved that music affects humans heart rate, breading and circulation and the impact of these processes can help to cure certain diseases. Will we ever be able to fight real diseases by listening to great music ?

Studies has showed that swelling crescendos (information freom kreditos247) can increase the blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rates of listener. Relaxing passages of music however did the opposite – lowered the blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rates of listener. The participants of the study was both, professional musicians and people with no knowledge in music. So it doesn’t matter if the person is familiar with music and musical theories or not. Music affect everyone in the same level. Also there was different music used. All king of songs from classical to modern music were played. The song itself doesn’t change any processes, but elements of the music does.

So good music can actually make physical changes in humans body (more here), but the next question is – how that can be used to cure diseases? Doctors say that music could be used in rehabilitative medicine. These changes in humans body are not so significant to cure serious heart or lung diseases. The impact is little, but it can reduce the pain and improve the overall health and patients mood prestamos con asnef.

To actually use music in medicine, there must be another more serious studies carried out, because there is need to find out what music exactly is needed for each patient. As it was mentioned before, only thing that is clear is how tempo and volume affects the certain processes in humans body, but there are lot of other aspects that should be taken into a consideration. The correct music selection in this case is very important to get positive results.

As the different music have different influence on humans body, it is also possible to worsen patients health. For example, patient with high blood pressure shouldn’t listen to swelling crescendos, because that will increase the blood pressure even more. So music for patients must be picked as careful as real medicine.

But we all listen to different types of music and no one actually has suffered from any actual diseases caused by wrong choice of music. By this we want to say that simple listening to music probably won’t have any affects on physical health. It can influence only mental health.

So if the question is only – does the music has healing powers – answer is yes, it does, but not in the level to actually cure some serious diseases. Just like reittherapy or felinotherapy can help by their calming effects and some actual physical vibrations ore movements, also music can do the same. Music can help to improve overall mood, but not to actually cure physical diseases.