Most difficult musical instruments

There are many different musical instruments. All of them can create amazing sounds which can be turned into a music by a player. However, some of them are more difficult to play and learn than others. Knowing which instruments are difficult and which are not is very important when choosing an instrument to play. If you want to create a music, but doesn’t have much time for learning or you just want to start with something more simple, better don’t pick up any of the following music instruments, because they are quite difficult.

1. Classical Guitar

Guitar is one of the most popular music instruments that many people wants to play. Actually, guitar is a great choice for beginners, just not the classical guitar (lån penge). The classical guitar is an acoustical wooden guitar that consists of six strings and it is mainly used in classical music genre. Also, the strings of classical guitar are made of nylon, rather than the metal as it is for acoustic and electric guitars. It is played a bit different as well. With classical guitar, individual strings are plucked with the fingernails.

2. Organ

If you think playing piano is hard, then the organ is probably not meant for you. The organ has various divisions and each of them have different keyboard, which are played either with the feet or with the hands. Thanks to its complex structure, it is possible to create all kind of different sounds with organ, starting from very slight and calm, until powerful. There is no doubt, organ is one of the greatest and most important musical instruments that human has ever created, but if you are not ready to dedicate many hours a day for practice, fetter choose something more simple, at least for the beginning.

3. Oboe

For many oboe, might seem just like any other regular wind instrument, but it is quite complicated. Oboe is a wooden tube with a flared bell, a conical bore and metal keys. The sound of oboe is created by vibrating air and blowing into reed. It is difficult to learn how to play oboe for many different reasons. First of all, it takes complete control of the breath and it requires a great skill to hold the breath for a very long time. Also, the player must know how to press they keys at the same time. If you want to play oboe, start with more simple wind instrument.

4. French Horn

Although oboe is considered as one of the most difficult wind music instruments, French horn – sms lån – beats it. French horn is a brass instrument. It looks very complicated and it really is, from many different aspects. The most complicated thing about playing this instrument is that pitch is controlled with the adjustment of lip tension and also player must breath directly into the tube. Besides that, it also has the typical wind music instrument cons such as need to hold a breath. Also, pressing the keys with fingers is not so easy, especially if the player must concentrate to so many things at the same time.

5. Violin

Violin is very popular music instrument, so many people think it is quite easy to learn how to play it, but actually it is considered as one of the most complicated music instruments in the world. The violin is the smallest high-pitched string instrument. Traditionally violin has four strings and player uses a bow to play it. Although the structure of the violin is quite simple, all the complexity hides in the ability to hold the bow correctly. If player will push it just a little bit too hard, the sound will be awful, but when the player learns how to control the bow, the sound is amazing.